Inet - Free NordVPN with your Seagate purchase.

Now that you're going to securely store your files on a new drive from Seagate, you want to take good care of your files. And that's a good thing! Because temporarily you get a free license for NordVPN with the purchase of your Seagate drive. With NordVPN, you'll be able to access the Internet safely and without worries for 3 months. A VPN is not an antivirus, but rather secures your connection. And that's what you need to send and store files securely on your Seagate drive both at home and on the go.

But there is more. Because NordVPN offers unlimited access to the Internet. Also from other countries with which you open the route to new content on, for example, Netflix in the US or on HBO / Amazon Prime. You get a lightning fast VPN connection with a choice of more than 5000 servers worldwide. NordVPN works in all cases without logs and thus never saves which pages and data are exchanged over the Internet. NordVPN blocks malicious content, offers an option for DoubleVPN and always employs military level encryption over the secure connection.

How to claim your free NordVPN product:

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What is NordVPN? What do I get? 

The license you'll receive for NordVPN is one that allows you to connect on 6 devices simultaneously. The duration is 3 months. The recommended price of this product is 33.00 EUR  for 3 months and you get it absolutely free!

At the end of the term we will send you an extension offer with which you can renew your license. Only if you renew can you continue to use the product, without renewal the product will automatically stop working.

No small print, no automatic renewals, and we will never ask for bank or payment information to receive or start using your license for NordVPN.

NordVPN | 6 Devices 3 Month | Unlimited Online | 5000+ Servers Worldwide  

NordVPN | 6 Devices 3 Month | Unlimited Online | 5000+ Servers Worldwide
Subscription for 3 months
Can be installed on 6 devices
Available languages: EN, FR, DE, ES
Suitable for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
Valid for both a first installation and as a renewal

NordVPN - With peace of mind everywhere online!

NordVPN provides you anonymous access to the Internet. Through one of the 5000+ servers all over the world you make a secure VPN connection to the Internet so that no one can follow you anymore, so that add trackers are blocked and even your Internet provider can no longer see what you are viewing or doing online.

Unique at NordVPN is the no log policy; there really is no record at all of the traffic that goes through NordVPN. Because NordVPN has its servers spread across 60+ countries, you choose where and how you want to be online. It is precisely with this that NordVPN achieves a tremendously fast connection. Tests show that NordVPN is among the fastest VPN connections available in the market today.

Do you want more than the default Military Grade Encryption? Then choose the setting Double-VPNthat allows the connection to run not through 1 server, but through 2 servers of NordVPN.

A VPN in brief:

  1. VPN creates a secure connection between your device (computer/mobile device) and the Internet
  2. VPN secures your online connection with encryption and protects your privacy
  3. VPN keeps you anonymously online and also protects when using public Wi-Fi connections